Painting Kitchen Cabinets Tips

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Tips

Painting kitchen cabinets in new color will liven up your kitchen. Painting your kitchen cabinets is an affordable way to make your kitchen looks great. Compared to installing new kitchen cabinets, repaint it is of course a better idea if you have tight budget. If you are going to paint your kitchen cabinets, you must have good painting ability because it needs great attention and precision.

Before you paint your kitchen cabinets you must remove the door knobs and hinges. After that, you must clean it by wiping it with soft clean cloth and mineral spirit. You must make sure that it is totally clean from oil and grease. After that, you must sand it and don’t forget to clean the surface from the sanding dust. You must also fill the grooves or dents with wood filler before you paint it. If you want glossy surfaces, you must apply stain-blocking primer on the cabinet surfaces.

After that, you can paint it twice or more for maximum result. When you have finished painting the kitchen cabinets, make sure that it is totally dry before you put them back together. If you are a very good in painting, you must choose lighter colored paint. It will less likely show imperfection result in the end.

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